A new, excellent site full of everything you wanted to know about browsers, CSS and javascript by the master of all three.

Also contains the gem that IE/Mac is a Bug ridden crash prone piece of junk.

At last.

After five months of hard work I proudly present http://www.quirksmode.org

My new site contains more than 150 pages with technical information about
common and not so common browser incompatibility problems, both in CSS and
in JavaScript.

I added pages about the :not and :empty pseudo-classes, the relation of the
viewport to the HTML/CSS and JavaScript documents shown in it, the reasons
why Explorer 5.2 Mac is a bug ridden crash prone piece of junk, updated W3C
DOM compatibility tables, the reasons why Fahrner Image Replacement should
use JavaScript, and not CSS, and a short history of web development.

Finally I’m looking for JavaScript reporters. I’m trying to set up a
JavaScript news page, but I cannot possibly fill it on my own. If you’re
doing interesting JavaScript research, please write a page about it, fill
in my form and be published on my site.

Happy surfing

In amongst all these pages is an interesting Javascript alternative to the CSS-based Fahrner Image Replacement. After the recent ALA article on why we shouldn’t use the FIR (because it breaks screen readers), this is a welcome alternative, although it still needs hard testing of the kind ALA gave to the CSS version to make sure it works properly.

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