29 November, 2003

Through the eye of a Mac browser

View your site in Safari without having either a Mac or Safari – not bad!

You pass it the URL of the site you want to view in Safari, and on Dan’s Mac it loads the page in Safari, takes a screenshot and posts it to the web, where it remains for 24 hours for you to check.

The machine was getting a complete battering on Wednesday, which is when I saw it, but since then, traffic seems to have calmed down considerably, and the turnaround speed is high.

Match this with the news last week of being able to run multiple versions of IE on the same Windows machine, and web designers’ lives are getting a lot lot easier.

Remember, this is a free service being run by Dan Vine, so please click on the ad links and send him some extra money. This is a great service for those of us who don’t have access to Safari at all.

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