Holy crap! I’m not dead! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and a Happy New Year (and other capitalisations).

Mid-December, I successfully trashed the server that hosts all of the resources this site uses (rss, images etc.). Finally back up now.

Then it was my holiday, then I changed job. Goodbye lameass ibase and hello new lord and master Zoo.

Yesterday Leigh wrote a bit about lazy photo annotation, and mentioned my RDF skin for JAlbum.

Leigh’s entry reminded me that my skin is still quite lacking in a few areas, some of which he and I spoke about via email at the time and others of which I have still to resolve. Since then though, the skin now publishes:

  • an image index with links to each image
  • an RDF index with links to the describing RDF file for each image
  • each image separately
  • each RDF image annotation file separately containing image details such as dimensions, comment, creation time/date and co-depiction

I don’t describe location, nor keywords like Bryce does in his MT photo annotation template mainly because a) I’m not happy with the current means of location description and b) I’m lazy and wordnet is just too much effort.

It’s my birthday at the weekend, so I shan’t get time to finish my photo annotations then, but as soon as I can, I will, and publish with all the new data. It’s a shame I didn’t bump into anyone FOAFy in Bristol, it would have been nice to be linked in to the co-depiction club. 🙂

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