29 January, 2004

Developing XUL-Applications with Mozilla is looking to be an excellent and practical look at constructing a functional XUL application with Mozilla. Genius stuff. I know that whenever I try to get something even mildly complex going, I keep running into problems, as I’ve voiced previously.

In fact, Gerald Bauer was so keen on that previous post of mine that he saw fit to copy and paste the entire lot to a mailing list without telling me, which I actually found quite rude. The only reason I even found out was because I happened to look at my recent referrers for November. Is it that hard to find out my contact details?

I don’t think so, I publish contact details in both my FOAF file and my RSS feed (although not my Atom feed, which is auto-generated by Blogger), both of which are auto-detectable, and this was certainly enough for Ian Hickson to get in touch with me via Jabber. Interestingly Ian and Gerald have had several run-ins, perhaps most famously on the same mailing-list as above where Gerald tries to say that XUL can mean any old XUL whilst Ian defends Mozilla’s registered trademark.

I’m trying hard not to get too carried away with bile, but it’s always hard to hold it back when Gerald gets mentioned – he always seems to be full of sound and fury (on mailing lists, java.blogs,, comments in people’s blogs and just about anywhere else you can think of), but consistently fails to back up any of his arguments with anything solid, which in my eyes at least, makes everything he says completely meaningless. Anyone associated with Java at all will know him at least vicariously, and if especially unlucky will have read his FUD first-hand.

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