29 January, 2004

I recently started a new job at Zoo Digital Group, employed as a Java and Web developer. There are a few other Java developers here (although the main trade-in-stock is C++), but I’m now the web development department. Me.

This is actually quite good, and I’ve enjoyed the work I’ve had to do so far, but now a couple of others have had to start putting web pages together, and without my expert guidance (read: slap to the back of the head), there are tables-for-layout, font tags and all sorts lying around. How am I supposed to teach, quickly, how to do layouts with CSS? Well, Colored boxes an article from MaxDesign (whom I linked to recently for their all-round top-notch tutorials) does just that. Eleven easy steps and even includes print style sheets! What more could a man ask for? Oh, apart from his girlfriend/wife/dog wearing the HTTP 200 – OK knickers of course (via Charles).

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