Oooooh, bad Blogger!

I’ve just checked what my atom feed looks like, and Blogger’s funking the titles. What’s “Until recently I which almost always sells them mo…” supposed to be then? It’s a valid feed but that doesn’t really help me (or readers) much when the titles are clearly nonsense.

It seems to be a character issue (possibly something to do with encoding? I apologise if this is the stupidest thing to say ever :)). Everything between the first and last non-alphanumeric character is skipped, leaving a title made up of two, possibly complete disparate sentences.

For example this post from Wednesday starts [Until recently I’] (at which point it cuts off) and the text immediately after the last non-alphanumeric character is [” which almost always sells them mo]. Tada, we have our mangled headline.

Discovering exactly which characters choke the Atom generaction is left as an exercise for the reader. 🙂

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