Side-stepping IE is the latest article from Dave Shea and quite nicely summarises ways around some of the more common IE bugbears such as font-sizes, min- and max-width issues and using a .htc file to enable :hover on any element (which of course Mozilla and Firefox support out of the box).

These have all been kicking around for a few months now, but it’s always nice to see them drawn together. Slowly but surely my job is taking back from Java development to web dev for the relaunch of our corporate website, bringing me, for the first time, into contact with a contracted design team (previously I’ve been part of the hired third-party company, and worked with the hiring company’s in-house designers). It’s led to a bit of trouble because, as Lead Web Developer for my firm, I’ve generally got a very good idea of what’s good for our company website (I’ll expand on this in another post).

In other web development news, I’d completely forgotten all about Widgetopia – part of and an excellent weblog detailing and assessing different styles of site navigation and user interface widgets. A worthy subscription for all web designers.

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