Idle sods

07 April, 2004

SharpReader turns One.

So what the fuck’s been going on the aggregator scene in that time? SharpReader is *still* the most professional of all the Windows desktop aggregators (despite being free!), a crown it took when it launched and looks unlikely to be forced to give up

This must mean that I’ve been using JabRSS as my main aggregator for about 11 months, and explains my recent interest in desktop aggregators.

I’ve been really disappointed though. There’s nothing new, nothing exciting. The only thing which looks to be pushing the envelope is the RSS and BitTorrent work being done by Andrew Grumet. Maybe when someone realises that Atom was designed to handle binary content from the start someone in that camp will release an equivalent (which if done soon should knock his Support the creation of better tools—and create better ones ourselves—for production and consumption of BT-enclosure feeds. for a loop – not that I actually expect it to happen).

To be fair, there’s been prolifigation, but I can’t believe that’s all. What have I been missing? Let me know.

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