Jabber: framed

27 April, 2004

From the Jabber Development mailing list comes news of a new Java-based gateway framework

After a REALLY long lead time I am happy to announce that the source code to the Jabber Gateway Framework (aka JGF) has finally been released to the Open Source community. Right now a very minimalist web page is available at and download files are available on our project page on SourceForge.

This project is a Java framework that provides a great deal of support for stateful Jabber gateway implementations. Using this library as a starting point, a simple Jabber server extension could be coded very quickly. The JGF provides built-in support for a Gateway administration “bot”, a web-based status/admin interface, gateway registration, gateway JUD lookups and (old-protocol) multi-user chat.

This looks great. Just the other day I was recommending Yaja! as the component library to use for this kind of thing, but as good as it is, it’s not been updated for a while (since 2002!).

Jabber development libraries are really only now starting to come up to scratch, and none of the C++ Jabber libraries are very easy to use so it’s good to see more gateway/transport stuff beginning to emerge (instead of client libraries, of which there are quite a few).

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