10 May, 2004

Blogger has a new look.

Supports comments (including, it seems, a Typekey-style registration for all Blogger sites).

Supports per-post archives.

Support user profiles.

Has a massively increased tag templating system.

A whole raft of new, validating CSS-based templates by people like Douglas Bowman, Dave Shea, Zeldman, Dan Rubin, Glish and Dan Cederholm. Amazing.

It successfully imported and modified my old template to use its new tags, and other than that, I’ll let you know how it goes. Suffice to say for the time being – wow.

Something I didn’t notice in the first five minutes was this: How do I create a blog that Blogger will host for free?. Maybe it was there all the time, but I didn’t know about it before – free site on BlogSpot!

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