No comments for old rope

13 May, 2004


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Comments aren’t enabled for older posts (prior to when you turned on comments), and there (unfortunately) isn’t an automated way to do this.

and it’s quite an arduous process to enable comments for old posts. Do I do it? Do I invest hours of my life pointlessly turning on comments for year-old posts?


It’s also quite upsetting that the <$BlogItemCreate$> tag (which adds the link that lets people leave new comments provides a URL with unescaped ampersands, immediately invalidating your all-new-l33t-web-skillz template. Of course, you could hand code the URL since your blog ID is unique and you can get the post ID from the <$BlogItemNumber$> tag but that relies on the Blogger comment form staying in the same location (currently If it ever moves it’d mean updating your template and republishing your whole site.

Swings and roundabouts innit? How important is validation to you?

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