Saucereader 1.4.1

27 May, 2004

SauceReader recently went to 1.4.1 and with it comes MS Messenger integration (described more fully here but you can get per-user feeds for other people that are using SauceReader and if not then it’ll just send a message with the item title and link), better memory usage and the clearing up of several other issues (check the status on the SauceReader weblog!).

More importantly (hah!), their website now works in Firefox (although still not without its glitches!) and in particular the screenshots page is actually viewable! woohoo!

Interestingly, Scoble just picked up on it and since then its picked up a whole host of links

SauceReader is good, it’s really starting to push the bounds of what we expect from a desktop aggregator (what with the Messenger integration and built-in blogging tool), and is rapidly becoming the answer to what I asked last month., although when I first used it I thought it was just going to become a simple aggregator like SharpReader. I’m glad it hasn’t.

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27 May, 2004 at 14:02

The IM integration really has made a huge difference to our team. We’re really looking forward to hearing from others as they start to use it and come up with ideas for how it can be extended and utilised.

Please keep a critical eye on us and the feedback coming Phil, we’re just warming up 😉

cheers, Nathan