Javascript textile previews

30 June, 2004

After my original post about it, it’d probably be good to point out that Jeff Minard has taken the idea and run with it, introducing

  • h tag support
  • br tag support
  • proper html syntax (a few tags were being closed incorrectly.)
  • Various small fixes

Of course, have a Blogger-hosted blog I can’t make use of any of these oh-so-clever solutions (because of user recognition I think – otherwise I could just provide my own form), but it’s good to keep up with the wizards.

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14 November, 2004 at 07:36


me != wizard


08 February, 2007 at 22:49

Hmm.. that link doesn’t work anymore. It’s not dead but zombiefied. It gives you adds of all kinds.

Phil Wilson
08 February, 2007 at 23:20

Oddly enough I discovered exactly the same thing about two days ago, thanks for the timely reminder to remove the link 🙂