Javascript textile previews

After my original post about it, it’d probably be good to point out that Jeff Minard has taken the idea and run with it, introducing

  • h tag support
  • br tag support
  • proper html syntax (a few tags were being closed incorrectly.)
  • Various small fixes

Of course, have a Blogger-hosted blog I can’t make use of any of these oh-so-clever solutions (because of user recognition I think – otherwise I could just provide my own form), but it’s good to keep up with the wizards.

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3 thoughts on “Javascript textile previews”

  1. Hmm.. that link doesn’t work anymore. It’s not dead but zombiefied. It gives you adds of all kinds.

  2. Oddly enough I discovered exactly the same thing about two days ago, thanks for the timely reminder to remove the link 🙂

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