Newsreaders in Firefox

14 July, 2004

Sage is an aggregator extension for Firefox. It’s the spiritual successor to the original RSS Reader Panel. It’s also very good.

Tim Bray picked up on it today. He says, variously that it’s nice and simple, would hit a sweet spot for a lot of people, oh, and seems to handle all the different syndication formats just fine.

As I pointed out over on Gareth blog, you can do cross-browser and location feed-synchronisation by using the bookmark synchronisation extension, and take the effort out of sorting the feeds by using the sort bookmarks extension.

Phil Ringnalda doesn’t like it (see comment 6 on the link aove) but to be honest, I think that provided you can install extensions in the browser you’re using then for simple aggregation it’s miles better than Bloglines (disclaimer: I’ve not checked it out since they revamped earlier this week) which never seems to actually return unread items when I ask for them, and despite the almost universal praise, I’ve found to be pretty unsatisfactory.

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