Spellchecking in Firefox

14 July, 2004

SpellBound is a port of the spell checker user interface from Mozilla’s Composer that enables spell checking in web forms (e.g. html textarea and html input elements – html input password elements are not checked by SpellBound). This allows you to spell check forms (e.g. a comment on a message board, etc.) before submitting them.

And it’s excellent. I was really expecting something that looked like the Firefox and IE current “find” dialog and I was pretty surprised to instead see this:

SpellBound screenshot

Of course, this is absolutely perfect for things like blog comments and wikis where you want to make sure that you get your spelling just right without having to copy’n’paste into a different app.

The download page has a huge list of different languages and dictionaries that SpellBound can support, including, hurrah!, UK English! “color” begone! Out, out damn “recognize”!

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