The First Apple UK Store

22 November, 2004

Apple opened their first shop in the UK on Regent Street at the weekend, and unbeknownst to me, my little brother was there.

In fact not only was he there, but he actually went to join the queue late on Friday night (I should point out that he doesn’t actually live in London) and was one of the first 100 or so customers (he’s spent a lot of time sleeping since then so I’ve not had much chance to keep up with him) to get into the store. Apparently the queue was quite a friendly group, and he spent the night chatting away to other Mac-loving nerds who had also decided to spend the night.

Not only that but he got a Lucky Bag (I had to find out later that it cost him £250!!!), although no iPod (they were only 1 per 6 bags, apparently they’re normally 1 per 3 bags in the US?) he’s very pleased with the contents, although he’ll probably sell the wireless keyboard and mouse as he already has a iMac G5.

I’m still scouring Applestore pics on flickr and macitynet to try and find an inadvertant picture of his eager little face 🙂

(also check out what Andy Budd and Rich Rutter have to say on the matter)

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