David Blunkett resigns

15 December, 2004

Within the last thirty minutes, David Blunkett (wikipedia, BBC), the Home Secretary has resigned.

Blunkett is an MP for Sheffield, which is where I live, and is the main driving force behind introducing ID cards to Britain (wikipedia, BBC: iCan, BBC: ID cards at-a-glance).

I’m absolutely no fan of ID cards at all, and I can’t deny that when I heard he’d resigned (publishing an autobiography slating the rest of the Cabinet can’t have helped) I jumped out of my seat and punched the air, but the Government will still try and push them through, especially now they have the backing of the Conservatives, but I think they’ll be lucky to get it cleared by 2012 unless Charles Clarke (the guy who its currently mooted will take over) decides to really push it as hard as he can.

Also check out the relevant article on David Blunkett is an arse and watch out for the reaction from Big Blunkett.

From the more technical perspective, Wikipedia had updated their page on Blunkett within minutes of the announcement. I look forward to reading the updated version of the Encyclopedia Brittanica later 😉

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