Add background colours to bugs in FogBugz3 using Greasemonkey

05 April, 2005

As always, let’s get the script out of the way: Add background colours to bugs in FogBugz 3.

When in Grid View, active cases are coloured from Priority 1 = red; Priority 2 = pink; Priority 3 = yellow. Resolved cases are coloured with different shades of grey – the darker the grey, the higher the priority. This makes FogBugz look like this (but without the blurring and fat red bar, obviously 🙂

My installation of FogBugz only has three priorities and I believe that FogBugz 3 ships with eight or so, so if you want more, you’ll have to edit the script, but it should be self-explanatory.

This script won’t work in FogBugz 4. It’s possible to do, but I haven’t really made the move quite yet. It should be easy enough to do though.

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