How to mark items as read in an Atom entry?

26 April, 2005

Does anyone out there know if there’s a standard way of denoting that an Atom entry has already been read? Maybe something like:


as an optional element inside the <entry> element?

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26 April, 2005 at 17:20

What is the use case?

26 April, 2005 at 18:43

I’m synchronising a centralised aggregator (FeedOnFeeds) with a desktop aggregator (FeedThing) using Atom-over-XMPP and want to be able to mark in both when items have been read in one.

27 April, 2005 at 10:44

I thought atom:id and other elements of Atom (atom:updated) and such should solve this. Now I’m not really sure anymore but it has been a while since I read the draft.

27 April, 2005 at 11:41

atom:updated is only for the publisher to change I believe, and I don’t want to mangle the atom:id.

I’m pretty sure I need another solution, but I’m willing to be convinced.