FOAF support in Safari

06 May, 2005

Sometimes it’s just better to blog something then to spend time actually thinking about it.

A week ago I saw this photo in John Ressig’s photostream and asked him to post a larger screenshot, which he did: Safari FOAF Support, from John Ressig's Flickr photostream.

John also posted a comment on the second photo explaining what it is, but basically it’s Safari’s view of an RSS feed with an additional list of people retrieved from a FOAF file in the sidebar. The FOAF file isn’t referenced from the RSS, so Safari is going off to the <link> URL in the the <channel> element, autodiscovering the FOAF file link, retrieving it, parsing it and then displaying it alongside the RSS data with each foaf:nick linking to their foaf:weblog. That’s a lot of work for something most people probably won’t notice 🙂

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