Oxford is not in the south-west

22 May, 2005

I’m currently looking for a new job in the Bristol/Bath region of the UK, and it’s absolutely incredible how many job websites seem to think this includes Oxford, which is, at it’s closest, 84 miles and an hour and and a half’s drive away! You’d have thought some consideration for the M4 might come into it as well.

Oxford is not in the south-west

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Harry Fear
24 May, 2005 at 19:16

Oh, I know Phil, it’s unbelievable! So many big companies make this mistake!

Mike Harper
01 June, 2005 at 21:21

Some sort of geotagging of job ads required I think.

02 June, 2005 at 08:03

Woo, now wouldn’t that be cool! 🙂