FeedOnFeeds storing feed item datestamps

21 June, 2005

By default, when FeedOnFeeds polls a feed and stores new items, it will probably get the timestamp wrong – most likely in fact, it won’t get any timestamp at all. This is because FeedOnFeeds specifically looks for a dc:date element in each item. If it doesn’t find one, it doesn’t store a time or date for the item.

Fortunately, it’s a piece of cake to upgrade FeedOnFeeds to use the latest version of MagpieRSS which as of 0.7 has this rather nice feature:

You can now get the value of dc:date, pubDate, or atom:issued as a PHP timestamp (epoch seconds) in $item[’date_timestamp’].

So a quick hack to init.php and we’re suddenly storing times and dates again. Brilliant. Just a shame I can’t backdate it to items which have dropped out of feeds I’m subscribed to 🙁

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