Moving home, what to do?

I’m moving house and job in the next few weeks (although I don’t actually have a job to go to yet), and so I will need to tell lots of different people about my change in contact details. Herewith, a short list, both for my own reference and in the vain hope that someone will tell me what I’ve missed 🙂

  • Bank
  • Credit card company
  • Mobile phone company
  • Address on my CV/job websites
  • Specsavers
  • Electricity supplier
  • Water supplier
  • Telephone provider
  • Internet provider
  • TV Licensing people
  • Council Tax people
  • National Insurance
  • Student Loans Agency
  • Electoral Register
  • Mailing lists I’m signed up to at work

Hmm, what else?

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5 thoughts on “Moving home, what to do?”

  1. DVLA
    Home and/or Life Insurance
    Post Office (mail forwarding)
    Store Cards
    Doctors Surgery

  2. My approach when moving has always been to redirect my mail. Then anything I’ve moved has always come with a redirection sticker on.

    Once you’ve set it up, you can renew it over the internet if you still haven’t got round to changing stuff…

  3. I could do the mail forwarding thing, but I just don’t trust the post office to forward all the mail intended for the subsequent tenants to come to me instead 🙂

  4. Not used this site but could be useful?

    I also recommend the mail redirect.

    Additions to list:

    Magazine subscriptions
    University alumni organistation? – mine send me a magazine
    DVLA – both license and car registration.

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