Being unfit

Well, despite having gone to the gym on a regular frequent occassional basis in the past year or so, I’m still quite unfit.

Looking out of my bedroom window I can see a nice big field, so I just went and ran around it a few times.

Gosh, I’m even more unfit than I thought. I think I made about three miles or so, which I could almost certainly do better than had I eaten today, but it’s actually quite hard to tell how far I went. I need a metre wheel 🙂

I’d really like to be fit again – I’m a little light for my height, and my body is in reasonable shape, it just needs the exercise. Hopefully given my new location and the fact that my new workplace: is a campus university, hence has big fields; has showers in the office building and has a great gym (allegedly), I should be able to get at least some good running in every day, whether at work or at home.

I want to be fit goddamn it!

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    This has now been fixed.

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