Blogging different types of content with XML schemas

28 September, 2005

Joshua Porter’s post A Glimpse of the Future: Joe Reger’s XML Schema Coolness, links to a screencast by Joe Reger which shows him going into the admin interface of his web-based blogging tool, uploading a new .xsd file and then being able to create a new blog post using the elements defined in it. In addition to this, the output from his blogging tool includes structured blogging markup.

The use of XML schemas to dynamically define different types of content is very interesting, and my team at work are currently investigating something similar. Doing this means that your blogging tool is (in theory) infinitely expandable to cope with any kind of content. Given the right kind of user interface this could really work.

Joshua says This is exciting, it is the future, and there’s just a chance he’s right.

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