Streaming feeds

14 September, 2005

As well as writing about the new Google Blogsearch, Anil Dash writes about the SixApart AtomStream

AtomStream is an endless flow of Atom posts, presenting the updates to LiveJournal and TypePad free for consumption by any tool or application which wants to consume them.

This is the extension of the work that Brad was doing a couple of months ago

Brilliant. Finally. I’m still waiting for Blogger to start doing this with their feeds.

Streaming feeds is nice, and something that I first saw via Atom-over-XMPP. It’ll be nice when we don’t have to bother pinging everyone any more. Finally I won’t have to keep hitting refresh on my Flickr page, desperately waiting for someone to leave a comment, I’ll just be able to feverishly check my aggregator because as soon as I have a comment it’ll know (my hacked version of FeedOnFeeds can connect to XMPP streams and receive Atom feeds, but not normal HTTP streams. Yet).

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