Amazon adds Ajax magic

17 October, 2005

amazon ajax, by pip

Amazon have added some Ajax magic to their recommendation pages, letting you rate and indicate an item’s status (rating, owned, rubbish) in-line, without having to refresh the page, and it’s a massive improvement in usability. I’m really quite impressed.

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Rob Oxspring
17 October, 2005 at 23:18

Yeah thats slick. But how long do you reckon before it filters down to ;o)

17 October, 2005 at 23:29

That is!!! 🙂

Gary Lake
19 February, 2006 at 12:42

Hey there – looks like they are still testing this based on random IPs or something because at home I get AJAX amazon and at work I get regular amazon…

I’ve blogged it and grabbed the js source if you want to take a look…

19 February, 2006 at 22:48

Yeah I’m not sure how they’re working it, sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t. It always feels much better when I do though – rating things is so completely intuitive this way.