Atom doesn't exist in OPML

16 October, 2005

A few days ago, Dave Winer posted some Guidelines for validating OPML. I know, hilarious, but if you can stop laughing for a second you’ll notice this:

A subscription list document is a possibly multiple-level list of subscriptions to feeds. Each sub-element of the body of the OPML document is a node of type rss or an outline element that contains nodes of type rss.

Just recently I contacted Rojo because they were using exactly this attribute in exactly the same way that Dave Winer describes, which means that Atom feeds are marked as type="rss", which is not only misleading but actually meaningless. I think it’s wrong. Just to be clear, I think it’s a sociological and technological way (and I accept that it could be entirely unconscious) of attempting to sideline Atom via technologies that he has massive sway over.

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