Bloglines API - no change

05 October, 2005

Well, I think a year is just about long enough to wait, where’s the added functionality to the Bloglines API?

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05 October, 2005 at 23:37

I would definitely check out NewsGator ( It took me so long to realize just how good this service is. It also has an API which I think already does what you are looking for (i think..). It also can synchronize with FeedDeamon and announced today, they bought NetNewsWire, so it will be soon to integrate with that. Unfortunately, to sync with FeedDeamon, you would need to pay, but I rather enjoy their online interface. I would say it’s at least worth checking out.

06 October, 2005 at 08:58

Well, to be fair I don’t use Bloglines anyway, so it makes little direct difference to me (I run a custom FeedOnFeeds installation), but I think a fuller Bloglines API could only benefit syndication as a community because of the number of users they have.

I must admit I’ve never tried NewsGator – I think because when I first looked at it it was an Outlook-only solution, and you had to pay for it. I’d actually completely forgotten that they even had a free web service! I’ll check it out.