Finally, a new feature from Blogger

15 October, 2005

Blogger Backlinks

I’ve not seen any fanfare for this one (oops, it was announced on Blogger Buzz), but here it is nevertheless: Backlinks

Backlinks enable you to keep track of other pages on the web that link to your posts. … For the curious, this feature is based on the link: operator of Blog Search.

I’ve enabled this on my blog, but it doesn’t currently appear to be doing anything, despite there being at least a couple of people who’ve been foolish to link to me at some point, as the aforementioned Blog Search points out.

It’s new, so I’ll give it time. And then probably disable it.

The feature I’m still really waiting for is the page where you can follow conversations on other Blogger blogs where you’ve commented. That surely can’t be hard? Machine intensive, possibly; but not hard (after all, Flickr does it with its “recent comments” and “photos you’ve commented on” pages).

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