Microformats in practice

28 October, 2005

In Re: Educating Others, Ryan King says:

we’ve *proven* that microformats (at least, the ones developed so far) work in practice, we just need to show that they work in *theory*.

Can someone show me where they work in practice? Not just where someone’s using a microformat, but how someone else is using that data?



p.s. I know about the Greasemonkey scripts

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ryan king
29 October, 2005 at 08:07

Of course, there’s tagging.

There’s hcard and hcalendar conversion.

There’s search engines ignoring some links.

I know, there are no huge-multi-billion dollar apps which are based around microformats technology, but my assertion that we’ve shown the technical viablity of microformats still holds. Microformats are easy implement and easy enough to parse.