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28 October, 2005

Normally I just everything that interests me, and assume people will pick it up from there, but what this has really led to is a lack of commentary and a display of the things I’m following. Here’s where I start making up the difference:

kellan has written Actually Getting Social which talks about the forthcoming “networks” in That’s interesting, but not as interesting as:

Digital Lifestyle Aggregation: Using My Friends
I’ve had this persistent idea, nagging me, that somehow I should be able to use my Flickr contacts to filter the overwhelming amount of data that gets pushed at me, with the small idea being if I had a way to capture the accounts of all my various contacts, then I could at least build a smarter del inbox. I had started to sketch out a tool (I was thinking ning) called “theyisthey” to keep track of relationships I know between people’s various identities. (43people subscriptions are one step in this direction, and certainly an indication of how social software can be used for purposes more interesting them high score lists.)

The quick link to make here is to Identity Burro, a Greasmonkey script which links a username on one service (Flickr, 43x,, webjay, technorati, etc.) to the same username on the others. If you could load this, locally, from a datastore, and/or edit it as you go you could construct a personal directory of someone’s online accounts. Which sounds similar to Leigh Dodds’ FOAF Online Account Description Generator, which, please remember, you can pipe through his “Subscribe to My Brain” tool to get an OPML file, and thusly an inbox of your friends’ activities. I suspect there are dots that can be joined here.

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