More Web 2.0 hyperbole

15 October, 2005

Sphere is yet another over-hyped vapourware – sorry, stealth-mode – “Web 2.0” company.

It is a blog search engine focused on discovering high quality, relevant blogs on a timely basis.

Hahaha! I look forward to your search engine not finding anything that’s not in a blog! I can’t wait to sample the delights of not finding some authoratative and informative on a site not powered by Movable Type! I burn with anticipation at not being able to discover vital details in an O’Reilly article! Dear lord, I really can’t think of anything worse. Even more different search engines for different types of content. That’s just what we really need.

On the other hand, I look forward to them gaining lots of attention and hype from the inward-looking nerd crowd (where “echo chamber” is apparently a point completely missed) and then trying to sell their IP.

In a related aside, “Sphere” is possibly the most Web 1.0 name I’ve yet heard for a Web 2.0 company. 😉

Argh, I’ve been trying to bite my tongue because it sounds so petty but it should be “there are more than 18 million blogs” on the About Sphere page, not “there is more”.

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