Back burner projects

13 December, 2005

In the hope that writing them down might goad me into doing some of them, here’s a list of things which keep running through my head but which I’ve done little or nothing about:

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David P. Janes
13 December, 2005 at 00:35

Why not try marking up your pages with hAtom?

This may help:

The main problem with blogger & hAtom is that blogger doesn’t provide a method for getting ISO dates.

13 December, 2005 at 09:54

I’ve actually implemented part of the SVG timeline viewer.

I have something that:

* reads your FOAF to find all RSS channels
* parses them all to create an ordered list of items by date
* plots the result on an SVG diagram, as a line with dots coloured coded by source of RSS items
* adds in your name and your picture for good measure

The results are sucky from a UI perspective, which is where my initial impetus ran out. Stupid me.



Irregular Shed
13 December, 2005 at 20:45

I’ve been using WikidPad for a while and when I was initially looking around for recommendations for desktop Wikis for Windows discovered that you quite liked it just as my download was finishing. Great minds, &c.

As such I’m curious as to how you’re looking to expand it, and what exactly you plan to do with RSS feeds with it once you’ve done it.

Sorry this comment isn’t very eloquent, I’m hugely tired. Work’s Christmas ‘do’ – it was teetotal but the bowling has knackered me out.

13 December, 2005 at 22:49

ah, hAtom, yes. That might be a nice way of future proofing data extraction. I’ll have to actually have a look at it now instead of just reading about it 🙂

Hopefully I can fix the date field in the XSLT.

Hey Leigh, that’s some good work there! I should try and finish off what I’ve got here (takes an RSS/Atom feed, finds tags, plots cumulative and separate frequency over time – good for, Flickr and weblogs).

Shed – I’ve already done some WikidPad integration with JSPWiki, but really I want to do non-wiki things with it, it’ll just give me a nice framework for writing GUI Python applications. I’m lazy, see 🙂

18 December, 2005 at 18:50

That greasemonkey form manipulation sounds awesome. It is so hard keeping track of all the places I frequent and post on.