Battlestar Galactica kicking ass

The new television series of Battlestar Galatica has started; or rather, the concluding episode of the last series has been aired, and the new series is about to start. If you haven’t been watching it, and you like sci-fi, then shame on you, because it’s brilliant.

As well being a great programme, the website provides top-notch added value. For every episode so far there’s been a downloadable real-time commentary by the producer in mp3 format, and the site makes these available via a podcast, so that you can get the latest commentary automatically, and listen to it when you’re watching the telly.

Additionally, now that it’s come back to the screens, you can now watch the entirety of last season’s finale online, as well as two extra deleted scenes. This, my friends, is what online added value is all about, and is something I’ve not seen before (are there other programmes which do this which I’ve missed? let me know!). What with this, the BBCs iMP and the ever-increasing amount of content available via the existing website such as the new BBC Three ‘comedy’ TittyBangBang (you don’t get a link, it’s not worth the time out of your life), I’m really looking forward to being able to watch what I want precisely when I want, regardless of its origin.

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  1. It really is quite remarkable that this is happening not to some random show on the Discovery Channel or whatever, but to the best science fiction programme ever shown on television. Vive la Galactica.

    – Chris

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