Kinja's new look and new features

23 January, 2006

In December 2004, I wrote that, despite really liking it, and despite it being part of Gawker Media (have they been taken over by News Corp. or not? I can’t tell) “Kinja is the web aggregator everyone forgot“.

Well, in December 2005, Kinja got not only a new look (for the worse, I think – it’s now far less obvious exactly how to traverse the site and how to do things), but also some new features (although the blog doesn’t actually list them, the dumbasses – but then again, there weren’t any posts to it at all between June and December, so what can you expect?).

One of the more interesting new features is that every blog Kinja tracks now has it’s own “Kinja Card”. Mine is on, you can change the url parameter to look at whatever blog you like. As well as linking to my last few posts, it includes my Alexa traffic graph, posting frequency, links to my blog from tracking sites like pubsub and technorati, and links to posts from other blogs Kinja judges to be related to mine. You can also export this list of related blogs as OPML which is quite interesting. You can also export the feeds you’re currently subscribed to as OPML.

All in all, although it’s clearly trying to deliver more features, it now feels like Kinja doesn’t know whether it’s an aggregator or a tracking site, or a site for tracking tracking sites. If that makes sense. It’s a shame though, because I really think that they had something going on over there.

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