Ben Hammersley hates the internet

Ben Hammersley now uses iWeb for publishing and claims that this is better for his readers.

Aristotle says it well:

Why not publish in PDF if you’re going to go against the web’s grain anyway? That gets you frictionless publishing tools.

Also see Gareth’s Textify! Greasemonkey script which restores the content to actual text rather than an embedded image. Nice way to really show how much you hate the web, Hammersley!

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2 thoughts on “Ben Hammersley hates the internet”

  1. Hmm, the original use of PDF seemed to be twofold: one, to make sure that the formatting looked the same to the recipient as it did to the sender; and two, to prevent people copying and pasting from copyright articles. Now that you can select & copy text in a PDF, the second use seems to be no more. Not that I mind, because the select & copy text function in Adobe Reader is very useful.

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