Atom extensions and FOAF

03 March, 2006

James Snell has posted a new Internet Draft for expanding the details of an atom:author called Atom Syndication Format Person Extensions. In it he gives examples of embedding details with hCard like so:

<pe:profile type="xhtml"
       <div xmlns="">
         <div class="vcard">
           <a class="url fn" href="">
             John Doe
           <div class="org">Example, Org</div>

He also gives an example of how to link to a more detailed FOAF file:

<pe:profile type="application/rdf+xml"
       scheme="" />

I’m not sure if this is really a good idea or not. I can see how it would be useful, but is it the right solution? The only alternative I can really think of is a <link> from an HTML page referenced in an alternate in the feed, but then this would only work for entries which do have an HTML alternative, and perhaps doesn’t deal with cases when you might also want to use one of his other Atom-related drafts such as Syndication Format Revision Tracking where a user might have made changes in the past, but their contribution isn’t available from an alternative HTML version.

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