Flock you, Ninger!

Lately, I’ve been saying Ninged a lot.

It’s shorthand for a chasm in usability. Though you’ve created new market space, the share of that market that’s valuable in the real world is tiny; though many might want to use this set of services, only geeks can use them – you’ve built a better mousetrap, but only guys like this can figure out how to use it.

There’s an obverse to being Ninged – being Flocked.

Flocked is shorthand for a chasm in needs. Though everyone can figure them out, they create little market space: only geeks want these services – you’ve built a better mousetrap, but it only catches very, very small subset of mice.

I really like that quote from The Two Chasms of 2.0, both Flock and Ning are theoretically very good, but neither are particularly useful.

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