Moving from FeedOnFeeds to Gregarius

03 March, 2006

After a mail from Rod Begbie I’ve finally decided to move to a free, open-source aggregator which actually has active development: Gregarius. Sorry FeedOnFeeds.

My FeedOnFeeds database contains around 30,000 posts – is it worth importing them into Gregarius? That’s a whole lot of content, some of which may disappear from the web in the future, and possibly available for some kind of analysis.

I’ll have a few FoF customisations to port to Gregarius plugins, but a lot of them are now core features in Gregarius or already available as plugins.

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christopher baus
03 March, 2006 at 23:35

I tried ripping the parser out liferea at one point. It is written in C, but it might be place to start.