Instant Textile, mk2

Back in November, Tiago Silveira updated the JavaScript Textile implementation that powers my Textile Greasemonkey script, but I just hadn’t got around to rolling in his changes, so he’s done the sensible thing, and rolled his own. Good work!

On my desktop at home I have a completely rewritten version that has a nicer UI (html and rendered preview) and rewritten rendering engine which I wrote a year ago, and hadn’t released. I should probably drop my rendering engine in favour of Tiago’s, fold in my UI stuff and release.

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2 thoughts on “Instant Textile, mk2”

  1. Hi, Phil!

    That would be great! I got full of ideas like using a toggle button (and store the old content in a variable for undo), etc. But I don’t uh… have the time? 🙂

    Best regards!

  2. tiago,

    Actually, I think Ctrl-Z should work fine for undoing the Textile-to-HTML conversion without needing to add a toggle button, and you could just click the button a second time for the redo. At least, the Instant Markdown script that I hacked together based on Instant Textile allows for a normal Ctrl-Z undo, and I don’t think I changed anything that would affect that.

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