I need a new aggregator

I’ve not used a desktop aggregator for close to a year now, getting my information instead from these strange and archaic webpages, some of which are mini-aggregators like Digg or my del.icio.us network.

Recently however, I’ve been slowly picking up the pace again (which means visiting more than thirty sites a day) mainly because of I’ve been reading Planet Intertwingly which seems to have a high crossoverlevel with the core of my old aggregator.

I also recently (it was now about four months ago, but it feels recent) promised that I’d put together a cross-platform aggregator based around Planet and WxWidgets. I still want this, and made some small work towards it, putting together some integration between Planet and WikidPad, but it’s not really usable. I really need someone to kick my ass into getting this finished.

Also, I’m beginning to think that w.bloggar isn’t good enough for my needs. There have certainly been times when I’ve wanted to post something but been put off by w.bloggar’s startup time. Just load and let me write my post! Sort out the connectivity later!

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3 thoughts on “I need a new aggregator”

  1. Cheers D’Arcy. I never really got on with BlogBridge, I know you’re very keen on it though 🙂

    I think I’ve tried it once a year since it started, I guess it’s about time I tried it again 🙂

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