Firefox and Thunderbird UI

24 August, 2006

There’s an excellent article by rakaz on the new themes in Firefox and Thunderbird 2.0. I agree with the whole thing, in particular the strange and increasing amount of seemingly Mac-influenced design decisions for a world which is primarily Windows XP based.

To me, such decisions seem like short-sighted mistakes. I still, for example, can’t get my head around what kind of decision-making process went into creating the new navigation in the Firefox 1.5 options pane. Forcing them to adopt entirely new (and application-unique) UI metaphors is not a way to embrace people migrating from any other browser.

Anyway, there are screenshots and comparisons of the UI changes in the article, so go and read it!

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24 August, 2006 at 13:26

Hello Phil,

perhaps you remember me. a fairly long time ago i wrote a php script that converts the xml generated by your script to a clear listing.

Are there some news about your history export script? I read that it doesn’t work with the new Firefox versions … did you enhance it already?

ps: i took the liberty of adding your excellent blog to my blogrole on (only in german … sorry for that)

greetings from germany


24 August, 2006 at 14:11

‘tag Michael, and yes I do remember you 🙂

I haven’t updated the script because Firefox 2.0 uses SQLite instead of an RDF backend, so it needs to be totally rewritten.

I will look at rewriting it when the stable version of Firefox 2.0 is released.

greetings from England 🙂

24 August, 2006 at 14:32

Hi Phil,

i heard some rumours of placing the history-data in a new way instead of that freaky fileformat but i dont know that this will happen in firefox 2.0.

well, i am looking forward to your new and updated script. if the data your script returns is an xml-file again i will write a script too 😀