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This blog is currently powered by Blogger. The only two desktop posting tools I’ve used and liked are w.bloggar and Windows Live Writer. The problem with both of them – or at least, my perceived problem with them is that they take too long to load. Quite often I just want to post some idle thoughts on a subject without putting in too much effort, but I know that having to load one of these tools will probably take around ten seconds, by which time I’ll either no longer care, or have expanded the thoughts to the extent that I’ll save the post up for more fuller treatment later (which of course, never happens) and so it goes unblogged and forgotten.

Windows Live Writer I can understand being slow to load – I mean, hey! it’s a .NET application, what do you expect? w.bloggar though just seems to do it to annoy me. Well, not really. It’s a native (non-.NET) Windows application but I would guess that before the window appears and it lets you start typing it performs some checks to make sure the server is up.

I couldn’t care less if the server is up.

All I want to do is write, and if the server’s not running, then tell me in the status bar, save my text when I get to the end, minimise to tray, and publish when it comes up again (or let me close and choose to publish when I start it next time). Just let me get on with hitting the keys.

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7 thoughts on “Load fast, help me blog”

  1. Me, I use Performancing for Firefox. Or rather, I used a hacked-up version of Performancing because I don’t like it using <i> and <b> when I’ve been converted to <em> and <strong>.

    It’s not perfect, not by a long stretch, but it’s fast, free and easy to hack (it’s a Firefox extension – so loads of Javascript and CSS).

  2. Well Performancing exists as a seperate pane at the bottom of Firefox that you can show and hide at will, and saves whatever you’ve entered into it between sessions. It is actually quite good, you know…

    Maybe as we start using ActionScript 3 and Flex I can write a nice one in Flash and make a tidy little cross-platform blog writer as an exercise. Perhaps. Maybe.

  3. i recommend to try flex. is app is awesome … i’m working with it since 20 days and i’m really thrilled 🙂

    greetings from hamburg (germany)


  4. Flex is an application framework though isn’t it, rather than an actual tool?

    I must admit that I do keep meaning to have a proper look at it, but so far haven’t got around to it.

  5. Hey Phil,

    in fact flex is a framework. i used to call it “flash for for real developers” 🙂

    the real power of flex is, that you can develop powerfullweb 2.0 apps very fast and simple.

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