Ripping radio to separate mp3 files on Windows

(And if that’s not a title to reel them in from Google, I don’t know what is.)

Step 1) Install and download the proxy (requires Python)

Step 2) Follow the two-step configuration in the README

Step 3) Start the proxy and configure a radio station to listen to

Step 3) Download and start StreamRipper

Step 4) Configure the output location for your files

Step 5) Put http://localhost:1881/lastfm.mp3 into the URL box

Step 6) Click “Rip”

You will soon have a directory full of correctly named (but ID3-less) mp3 files.

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10 thoughts on “Ripping radio to separate mp3 files on Windows”

  1. You could always run them through musicbrains to get your ID3. Can you automate that for me too? 😉
    -leff (I can never remember my blogger login)

  2. leff – have you got more details on how to do that? I was trying a couple of days ago and failed miserably. If the files are named correectly then what I tend to do is use MediaMonkey to sort out the tags, however I also have some unnamed songs which I’d like MusicBrainz to sort out for me.

    Cheers for the Pandora ripping link, Anon – the other alternative I’ve seen is but I’ve not used either of them.

  3. I’ve been doing a fair bit of Pandora ripping. It’s hardly ripping though, it’s copying a file from one directory to another before it gets deleted when you close the app.

    There’s that Java-based thing, Pandora’s Jar, which can automate some of it but I found it was getting far too many songs named incorrectly – especially if I swapped channels – so I went the manual way and kept an eye on the files being downloaded.

  4. … but now I know about Pyrrha, I’m going to give that a go. Meant to say that but didn’t. Blimey, it’s hot for September…

  5. thanx for the article, though this message is abit late.. it was a big help, though i don’t that streamripper, i like the orignal console based version
    and i prefer to do it in linux with quite a few terminals open.

    wget http://localhost:1881/skip
    wget http://localhost:1881/ban
    wget http://localhost:1881/love
    wget http://localhost:1881/np <--refreshes
    using the /rtp and /nortp and the end there will turn on or off the record to profile..

    and thanx for your compliments on the pandora.jar we spent alot of time working on it…

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