Sony Ericsson W950i - better than the Nokia N91?

16 November, 2006

I like Symbian, and I can write code for it. This has mostly limited me to the Nokia brand of phones so far.

I am interested in getting a new phone, but am slightly out of touch on the latest devices.

Hence, my astonishment – the Sony Ericsson W950i runs Symbian.

Also, it appears to come bundled with mobile browser par excellence, Opera 8.

It also has a 4GB memory (can’t yet tell if this is hard drive based like the N91 or flash).

It is a very simple-looking handset, which definitely appeals to me after the years of the 6600 and now my 6630.

I guess the only bad sign to-date is this:

Available colours: Mystic purple

no camera. bugger.

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22 November, 2006 at 22:49

Cheers for that Jim, in fact I did take a quick look on your wiki (as I always do when I’m looking at a new phone) but I couldn’t find it. You need a search 🙂

22 November, 2006 at 22:50

and yes, the lack of camera will cost it a sale: mine at least; which is a real shame because it looks so much nicer than the N91 (and presumably more resistant to dropping if it’s flash rather than disk memory).

14 February, 2007 at 15:58

ye i think there both good phones but the nokia n91 is to big and it is a slow phone so i would have the sony ericsson w950i george