XBox 360 advertising splurge

I thought I was going mad this morning as I was reading the metro (a free daily newspaper in the UK) – there seemed to be ads for games *everywhere*. I realised a few pages in that they were all for the Xbox 360.

In fact, it was so outrageously obvious (two two-page spreads, including a Dead Or Alive calendar), that Kotaku also picked up on it and went as far as to photograph all the ads and put them online. To clarify, that’s about 42 ads in a 56-page newspaper.

Note to Microsoft: it is possible for you to spread your marketing you know – you don’t have to blow the budget all on one day!

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2 thoughts on “XBox 360 advertising splurge”

  1. i also agree with what your saying, i also read that newspaper and also saw that there was alot of adds for the Xbox 360, but i do think that the advertising agency has spent alot of time and money and i think that it was a good way of advertising the game console.

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