Huge tech t-shirts suck

Kathy Sierra, user experience supremo, has written a lovely post on why Tech t-shirts aren’t sexy enough – this was wonderfully exemplified at Apachecon Europe which I attended this year. As we arrived and were handed our XXL tees, the girls handing them out simply said “Sorry, they’re all really really big – we’re expecting a lot of Americans”. I think I saw about two people wearing them the whole week. Personally, I live in mine when I go camping.

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5 thoughts on “Huge tech t-shirts suck”

  1. Gawd it’s been a long day…I read ‘XXL tees’ and was instantly back at my desk.

    a Merry Christmas btw!

  2. When we ordered shirts for BarCampMilwaukee, we had to get a few XXL and even XXXL because people requested them. (Maybe only 6 out of 175) the majority were in the L and XL range.

  3. wow. That is some serious supersizing. I think if I saw someone who was XXXL heading towards me at speed, I would flee at speed up the nearest hill.

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