3 thoughts on “Torchwood tragedy”

  1. I enjoyed the first season of Torchwood and frankly there’s far worse Scify out there. Yes it’s a bit inconsistent at times and if they are our last defence against the scum of the universe we are in BIG trouble.

    Does anyone have the Doctor’s number?

  2. Inconsistent is generous.

    The script, dialogue and acting are all poor – second-rate at best.

    Not only do the scriptwriters not know what to do with this franchise spin-off, they don’t even know how to use the characters they’ve got. Even worse is the adolescent approach to levering in a mention of gay or lesbian sex in every episode, no matter whether it’s relevant to the story; in fact I’d argue that the plot of some episodes have been written by the scriptwriters first deciding who they wanted to see having a snog this week.

    What’s worse is the goodwill that the last two series of Doctor Who have built up has been torn up and thrown away by the idiots who decided that rather be about, ooh, I dunno, the Torchwood Institute, it should be an outlet for 12 year-old authors to just make up or steal hackneyed plots from other series.

    The only good thing I can imagine happening in series two is everyone except Captain Jack being killed in some tedious accident (death by dehydration from too much kissing perhaps? paper cuts causing them to bleed to death?) and then focussing on him running Torchwood on his own.

    Unless, of course, I’ve made a huge mistake and each episode *is* written by a twelve year old; is there a weekly Blue Peter competition I’ve not heard about?

  3. I definitely agree with your fair ass-kicking of the Torchwood series. I do feel completely let down by the lack of decent storylines, every story just seemed to be a quirky idea invented in the pub but actually fell on its face when they made it into a proper script.

    I can’t see how a show like that can survive with so much good science fiction around at the moment.

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