The Odeon are still incompetent

From Odeon: when will they learn?:

Let’s make this clear: whoever is in charge of the Odeon website is an utter incompetent. Because of their atrocious booking system this will be my first visit in years. With the thought that I might have to use their website again, it will also be my last for years. If I’d worked on that website I would be absolutely ashamed of myself.

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2 thoughts on “The Odeon are still incompetent”

  1. …and by any chance do they still charge an extraordinarily expense booking fee as well? Probably better to wait for the DVD or get there early and stand in queue..Booooooo…Hissssss ;o)

  2. It’s a lot, but not as much as the Vue charges. Small mercies?

    In the end there were only about 30 people in the auditorium (it was Curse of the Golden Flower) so we would have been OK queuing, but I don’t really like running the risk.

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